How to Make a Porta Potty Look Nice: Decorating Ideas to Spruce Up Portable Toilets

how to make a porta potty look nice

Let’s face it – porta potties serve a rudimentary purpose, and that’s it. They’re a necessity for everything from construction sites to weddings, concerts, public parks, and many other scenarios.

In many of these cases, a typical portable toilet will work just fine. In others, you may want to elevate the appearance of your units for a better guest experience. You’ve come to the right place, as we’ll walk you through how to make a porta potty look nice.

Discover the best porta potty decorating ideas for inside and outside the unit below, ways to disguise the unit, privacy screens, and other practical tips for sprucing the facilities up a bit.

But if you’re serious about offering your guests a classier restroom setting, consider upgrading to a bathroom trailer instead. While these cost a lot more, they’re the pinnacle of portable restroom solutions. 

Viking Rental is your trusted choice for all your portable sanitation rentals, whether you end up choosing a porta potty vs bathroom trailer. Get in touch today and we’ll help you weigh your options and choose the right style!

How to Make a Porta Potty Look Nice: Our Favorite Porta Potty Decorating Ideas

Who said a porta potty had to be an eyesore at your event or job site? There are so many ways you can elevate the appearance and experience of your portable facilities. Here are some of our favorite porta potty decorating ideas and practical tips to offer a classier environment.

Disguising the Unit

There’s no mistaking a portable toilet – these are impossible to miss. Unless, of course, you take the time to disguise your unit!

Applying colorful vinyl wraps can instantly change the exterior look of porta potties, making them blend in with the event theme or environment. 

Choose designs that complement the surroundings or celebrate the occasion, whether it’s a floral pattern for weddings or vibrant graphics for festivals.

Or for a softer look, drape fabrics around the porta potty. Use weather-resistant materials if the event is outdoors and ensure the fabric is secured to withstand wind and frequent use.

Putting Up Privacy Screens

If you don’t want guests staring at the porta potties while they’re trying to enjoy their meal or network with other guests, your best bet is to take advantages of privacy screens.

This not only hides the units but also provides an additional layer of comfort and privacy for users. Choose screens that match the event’s decor, and consider adding some potted plants or decorations to enhance the setup.

Using a Tent

Erect a tent over the porta potty area to provide shelter and privacy. This is especially helpful for outdoor events where the weather might be unpredictable. The tent can be decorated with lights, garlands, or even thematic elements that align with the event. 

It can be as simple as an EZ-UP without a roof as a means of shading the unit, or you can use one with walls that will serve as a privacy screen simultaneously, killing two birds with one stone.

Decorating the Interior

Small touches inside the portable toilet can make a dramatic difference, which is why this is one of our best tips on how to make a porta potty look nice.

Battery-operated LED lights offer a safe, hygienic way to illuminate the space. A mirror on the wall is another great way to transform a simple porta potty into a more traditional portable restroom. Add a small vase with artificial flowers and a basket containing essentials like hand sanitizer, wipes, and feminine products.

Just be careful about balancing these porta potty decorating ideas with functionality. The porta potty size can be restrictive, and you don’t want to crowd the interior as this can actually have the opposite effect and make the experience worse for users.

Upgraded Sanitation Products

Most people associate portable toilets with cheap soaps and uncomfortable toilet paper/paper towels. You can change the narrative and leave a lasting impression by using high-quality sanitation products to reflect the event’s standard and care for guest comfort. 

Strategic Placement

Where you place your porta potties makes a dramatic difference in not just appearance but accessibility and enjoyability. They should be easily accessible yet not in immediate view of the main event activities. You don’t want to smell them, either.

Consider the logistics of the event layout, ensuring porta potties are near enough for convenience but placed discreetly to maintain the aesthetic of the venue. 

Fragrance and Air Fresheners

While it’s not necessarily going to do anything for the appearance of your porta potty, you could add an aromatic edge to your portable toilet with premium fragrances. A lightly scented lavender or citrus can enhance the interior without overwhelming the senses. 

Strategically placed gel fresheners inside the units and ambient scenting options around the exterior can maintain a consistently pleasant environment throughout the event duration.

Should You Upgrade to a VIP Portable Toilet or a Bathroom Trailer Instead?

Even with our tips on how to make a porta potty look nice, it’s still a porta pottery at the end of the day. In considering all the different types of porta potties you have at your disposal, it may be worth upgrading to a more premium solution for your event. 

VIP portable toilets offer amenities like flushing toilets, handwashing stations with running water, and interior lighting. They also tend to be more spacious, allowing for greater ease of use, especially for guests in formal attire. These provide a more comfortable, hygienic experience. 

Bathroom trailers take this even a step further. They include multiple stalls, full-sized sinks, mirrors, and climate control. These features make them comparable to indoor restrooms, offering maximum comfort. 

They’re also great because you don’t have to worry about how to transport porta potty – just hook them up to your hitch and tow away!

However, these would be unnecessary for a simple country musical concert (unless you’re talking about VIP areas specifically) or construction sites. You need to think carefully about what your event calls for.

For weddings, corporate events, or high-end gatherings, the investment in VIP portable toilets or bathroom trailers can significantly enhance the guest experience. 

So, think about your budget and the logistical feasibility of bringing in larger units. We have resources to help you weigh the cost of bathroom trailer rental against the cost to rent a porta potty.

But no matter what you end up choosing for your portable restroom solution, figuring out where to rent a porta potty is of the utmost importance. For those in the state of Texas, Viking Rental is here to deliver exceptional service every step of the way.

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Bringing Our Guide on Porta Potty Decorating Ideas to a Close

There you have it – everything you need to know about how to make a porta potty look nice, from porta potta decorating ideas to upgrading to a more sophisticated restroom trailer.

There are so many ways you can spruce up the facilities of your event or job site to offer a better experience for your guests or employees. We hope you feel confident in your next steps!

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Otherwise, it’s time you put the stress of planning out your restroom setup in the past by reaching out to Viking Rental. Transform your sanitation facilities with our expert insights and rental solutions today!