how many portable toilets per person

Organizing an event comes with its fair share of challenges, and providing adequate sanitation solutions often tops the list of concerns. You want to give your guests a positive restroom experience, but determining the right number of portable toilets per person can be daunting.

So, how many portable toilets per person for an event is best? The rule of thumb suggests one portable toilet for every 50 guests at a minimum, but this can vary widely based on the event duration, type, and alcohol consumption.

It’s not just about restroom quantity either. Factors like location, accessibility, and additional amenities also play a pivotal role in service quality. There’s a lot to think about, but don’t worry – Viking Rental is equipped to take all this stress off your shoulders.

We bring 50 years of experience in offering portable sanitation rentals, ensuring you have the ideal mix of quantity and quality, from standard units to VIP restroom trailers and ADA-compliant solutions. Let us help you provide the best in comfort and convenience for your event attendees!

How Many Portable Toilets Per Person Do I Need for My Event?

So, how many portable toilets do I need for an event? While there are standard guidelines you can rely on, it’s worth taking the time to think through your event and consider factors like whether or not alcohol (a diuretic) will be consumed, the duration of your event, and more.

Event Type and Size

The nature of your event significantly influences the number of portable toilets required. For example, a corporate event with scheduled breaks may need fewer toilets compared to a festival where guests are free to roam and drink at their leisure.

For large events, it’s recommended to have at least one toilet per 50 people. This ratio ensures that the facilities are sufficient even during peak usage.

However, for events with a large audience, it’s wise to err on the side of caution and provide more than the minimum recommendation to reduce wait times and enhance the overall experience.

You should also consider who is at the event specifically. The presence of women and children at an event can affect the number of portable toilets needed. Women typically take longer than men in the restroom and may need additional facilities like changing tables if they are accompanied by children.

Events with a higher proportion of female attendees or those specifically targeted at families, such as school fairs or community gatherings, should consider providing more portable toilets to accommodate these needs.

Additionally, family-friendly events may see a higher usage of restrooms because children often need assistance from adults, leading to increased occupancy times. In such cases, adding family-sized or larger units can be a thoughtful and practical solution.

Alcohol Consumption

Events serving alcohol tend to increase restroom usage, as beverages not only increase the frequency of restroom visits but also tend to linger longer, socializing around the toilet areas.

For such events, it’s advisable to increase the number of portable toilets by 10-20% to accommodate the increased demand. This increment helps manage the flow and maintain a comfortable environment for your guests.

What About Food?

Eating stimulates digestion and consequently the need for restroom facilities. If you’re hosting an event where a meal or various food vendors will be present, it’s wise to add more portable toilets to cater to this.

The type of food served can also play a role. For instance, events featuring spicy or exotic cuisine might result in more frequent bathroom visits.

Moreover, events that include food often encourage attendees to stay longer, which in turn can lead to more restroom usage over time.

For full-day events or festivals with a variety of food options, it’s not just about the number of toilets but also ensuring they are well-maintained and stocked throughout the event’s duration to handle the increased traffic.

Duration of the Event

The length of your event also plays a significant role in determining the number of portable toilets needed. For short events lasting only a few hours, the basic guidelines may be adequate.

However, for events that span several hours or even days, additional facilities are necessary to accommodate the ongoing need without causing excessive wear and tear on each unit.

So, How Many Portable Toilets Do I Need for an Event?

Consider the following formula to arrive at a more specific number: start with the base ratio of one toilet per 50 people for events lasting up to four hours.

For every additional hour, add one portable toilet per 50 guests. For events with alcohol, add an extra 10-20% more toilets. These calculations should give you a ballpark figure, but always round up when in doubt to ensure you’re covered.

But ultimately, your best bet is to get in touch with us here at Viking Rental if you’re planning a Texas-based event. We can discuss your specific event and offer a much more accurate recommendation accordingly. In the meantime, let’s look at some key considerations beyond the number of porta-potties.

Other Considerations Beyond Porta Potty Quantity

We know you came here specifically to figure out how many portable toilets per person you need, but there’s more to factor in beyond quantity. The type of portable toilet, their location and placement, and the availability of hygiene essentials can significantly impact the user experience.

The Ideal Type of Portable Toilet: Standard Porta Potties vs Premium Solutions

Choosing the right types of porta potties is of the utmost importance. Sure, a restroom is just a place to do your business – but upscale events deserve more upscale sanitation solutions, like a VIP solar restroom rental. These are ideal for weddings or corporate gatherings.

Luxury portable toilets with features like flushing toilets, running water, and interior lighting can provide a more comfortable and inviting environment, which may be particularly appreciated at formal or upscale events.

On the other hand, a standard porta potty is fine for construction projects or other job sites. Weigh the differences between a porta potty vs bathroom trailer and determine which aligns with your needs.

Typically, this comes down to comparing the cost to rent a bathroom trailer to the cost to rent porta potty. We’ve covered this comparison in our blog to help you make the right choice confidently.

Location and Placement: Strategic Positioning for User Convenience

The positioning of portable toilets is just as important as the type and quantity. They should be easily accessible, visible, and evenly distributed throughout the event space to prevent overcrowding in one area.

Consider placing them near food and beverage areas for convenience but maintain enough distance to avoid any unpleasant odors reaching dining guests.

Creating multiple ‘restroom zones’ in larger events can prevent guests from having to walk long distances, which improves the overall event flow and reduces the likelihood of long lines forming.

Always ensure that the toilets are placed on stable, level ground to prevent tipping and are accessible for servicing and maintenance.

Hygiene Essentials: Hand Washing Stations and Sanitization

The portable toilet is just one piece of the sanitation puzzle. Providing hand washing stations or hand sanitizer dispensers near portable toilet areas is a must, whether you take the DIY portable hand washing station or invest in a professional portable hand wash station at Viking Rental.

These stations should be well-stocked with soap, water, and paper towels or have an ample supply of hand sanitizer to encourage guests to maintain cleanliness and reduce the spread of germs.

Regularly scheduled cleaning and restocking of the portable toilets throughout the event are also essential to ensure a sanitary environment. This not only includes the toilets themselves but also the surrounding areas, ensuring that waste receptacles are emptied and the space remains tidy.

No Matter How Many Portable Toilets Your Event Needs, Viking Rentals Has You Covered With Versatile Solutions!

There you have it – everything you need to know about choosing and setting up your restroom solutions. The question now, though, is where to rent a porta potty (or multiple porta potties depending on your needs). Your search ends here at Viking Rental.

we’ve built a foundation of trust that has upheld our business for over half a century. Our seasoned reputation for impeccable customer support and attention to detail ensures that your event’s sanitation needs are expertly addressed. We have solutions for all major cities in Texas, including:

Our standard porta potties are ideal for job sites and outdoor events. They feature a toilet paper dispenser, a lockable door with an “In Use” indicator, and a seat with a lid. They measure 90” in height with 915 sq. in. of floor area. Included is a once-per-week sanitation and restocking service for extended use.

You can access upgraded amenities in our Deluxe solutions, such as a hand soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser, foot-operated freshwater sink, and mirror. These features make these toilets suitable for more refined events like private parties and company events.

Or, go with our Deluxe + Portable toilet which also has a flushing system, interior light fixture, and a shelf for personal items. Dual wall construction and vandal-proofing make them a secure and elegant choice for high-end events.

Looking for something more accessible? You can also trust Viking Rental for ADA portable toilet rental. Our commitment to inclusivity is reflected in these spacious and accessible units, designed to meet the needs of guests with disabilities.

That’s not all, though. We also have bathroom trailers to rent. The Selfie from Viking Rentals is a compact, private solution with two separate bathrooms, each equipped with a flushing toilet, sink, countertop, mirror, and ambient lighting. It’s perfect for events with up to 150 people.

Our larger trailer offers a luxurious experience for up to 350 guests, featuring a rich wood interior, textured walls, and floors, and durable, easy-to-maintain surfaces. It’s a moisture-proof, non-wood structure that prevents odors and rotting, ensuring a pleasant experience for users.

Whichever you go with, you can trust that you’re offering your guests the best-in-class experience they deserve. We can even help maintain the toilets over the course of multi-day events if necessary.

So, request a quote today and we’ll talk more about your specific event and what you need. From there, we’ll deliver an unparalleled service from start to finish, showing you why we’ve been the #1 choice in Texas since 1972!

Wrapping Up Our Guide to How Many Portable Toilets Per Person You Need

That concludes our guide to how many portable toilets per person your event needs. Remember that it depends on the size and duration of your event, whether food and alcohol are present, and the specific guests.

Ultimately, though, you’re better off offering more restrooms than needed to ensure guests spend less time waiting and more time enjoying. With Viking Rentals’ diverse options, from standard units to luxurious bathroom trailers, you’re equipped to offer the best in comfort and convenience.

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Consider the comfort and satisfaction of your guests with the right number of portable toilets from Viking Rentals. Get in touch with us to find the perfect fit for your event needs today so you can stop stressing about sanitation for good!