Temporary Fence Gates Rental in Dallas

Temporary Fence Gates

These features provided security for a worksite preventing unauthorized access to sites for safety and security reasons.

Provide temporary access for a construction site or festival

Temporary Gates from Viking Rentals

Temporary gates are useful when you need to provide access sites through a temporary fence, such as at a construction site or festival. At Viking Rentals, we offer two options you can choose from: a swing gate or a slide gate. You can rent these temporary gate solutions at any of our three Texas locations: Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston or Austin.

Temporary Swing Gates

Of the two types of temporary gates, swing gates are more popular. They are ideal for pedestrian access, as well as for access points for small and heavy equipment, vehicles and trucks, and emergency vehicles too. These temporary gates come in different heights and widths and they can be installed at any point along the fence. Given that they can be configured either as single or double swing gates, they are ideal for use at the main access point.

Single swing gates can span 12-15 feet across, while double swing gates can offer access points of between 24 and 30 feet across. Pedestrian swing gates of up to four feet are also available. Ordinarily, swing gates open inward toward the property, except for cases in which this is not possible.

Temporary Slide Gates

Slide gates offer ideal access points for pedestrians, small trucks and vehicles, small equipment, and hose and supply lines. They are eight feet high and come in different opening sizes of between 12-and 24-feet. To increase their security and privacy, windscreens/privacy screens can be added.

Sliding gates only need a small space in which to operate, making them ideal for tight spaces such as one near a permanent structure, a road, or a property line. They work by running parallel to and overlapping the temporary fence panel space. For a temporary slide gate to work efficiently, the area around it must be level for free movement of the gate.

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Temporary gates are convenient and increase the efficiency and safety of your job site. If you’re in the market for a temporary swing gate or temporary sliding gate, contact Viking Rentals today by calling one of our locations or filling out our online form to get a quote!

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