Barbed Wire Security Fence Rental in Dallas

Security Fence Options

There are many possible options when it comes to security for your temporary fence.

There are many possible options when it comes to security for your temporary fence. The real question, however, is what level of security are you actually attempting to achieve with your fence security solution. If you have questions about what type of temporary fencing security is the best fit for your project, get in touch with us at our Houston, Austin or Dallas-Fort Worth rental locations.

Barbed Wire

One option you might want to add to your temporary fence panel is that of three strands of barbed wire running across the top. This solution is often used in situations where valuable equipment and supplies are left outdoors, like on a construction site. Barbed wire on your rental fence will prevent people from climbing over the fence at your job or event site and is the best value in terms of fence security.

Top Rail

The top rail is a popular, low-cost option for adding security to your temporary fence. It increases the fence’s sturdiness and can be added to the top of any rental fence you’re using. Top rails are great for residential and commercial sites.

Tension Wire

This solution differs from the others in that it’s applied to the bottom of the fence instead of the top. Tension wire can add strength to your temporary chain link fence and deter criminals from the fenced-off area. It can be used with one of the other security options as well.

Wind Screen

Temporary windscreens can be quickly deployed and just as rapidly taken back down again, so they are perfect for emergency containment or large events. Temporary fencing with windscreens are more affordable than a permanent option too, especially since they’ll typically only be needed for a certain amount of time.

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