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200-Gallon Holding Tank

250-Gallon Holding Tank

250-Gallon Holding Tank

Holding Tank Rentals

Portable toilets are fine for their intended purpose, which is to provide sanitary facilities in remote locations, but there other things that need to be taken into account.

A superintendent’s trailer at a large construction project in Houston or perhaps a real estate sales office on the outskirts of Austin might be good examples of places where guests, customers, and visitors might need to use the facilities. You may want a cleaner setup for them to use, which is where holding tank rentals come into play. Viking Rentals offers these holding tanks, as well as other portable sanitation and rentals, in three Texas locations: Austin, Houston and Dallas.

What Is a Holding Tank?

In essence, a rented holding tank allows you to hook up the regular bathroom facilities inside your temporary office trailer and store the resultant waste in a safe and odor-free tank. Even sink waste can be stored as well, which allows your trailer to serve as a comfortable and welcoming oasis of normality for anyone who needs to work or do business there.

Holding Tank Features

The tank itself is large enough to accommodate a vast quantity of black or gray water sufficient for a lengthy stay on the site – a capacity of up to 250 gallons. The holding tanks we offer are designed with grooved casing that make them easy to place and to remove. The exact amount of time of course depends on how much use is made of the facilities. Even if the planned-for window of occupancy is exceeded, these tanks can be serviced on-site and used for yet another long period of time. Viking Rentals offers weekly service visits from our expert sanitation staff.

In short, it is now possible to enjoy all of the comforts of home, no matter where you might be. They don’t require sewer hook-ups and a freshwater storage tank rental can be used in tandem with one of our wastewater storage tanks to provide for a complete sanitary solution at any location.

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