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Towable Toilets

Among our offerings in specialty toilets are towable restrooms and high-rise cut-off units. Both of these allow anyone using them to move the units where needed, no matter the amount of available space on the property. The high-rise cut-off toilets are even compact enough for an elevator. The towable facility features include: domed roof, wall vents, a toilet paper dispenser, and an optional freshwater sink with foot pump. The high-rise cut-off toilets include: lockable doors, toilet seats with lids, and toilet paper dispensers.

High Rise Portable Toilets

These specialty bathroom units have attached metal straps that allow it to be transported with a crane on construction projects, making them the ideal choice for hard-to-reach sites. Each unit also has a door lock, a lid on the toilet seat, a toilet paper dispenser, and an optional sink with a foot pump.