Portable Hand Washing Stations Rental in Dallas

Provide workers or guests with the chance to keep their hands germ-free with our hand washing and sanitizing stations.

Portable hand wash stations offer you the opportunity to provide workers or guests a chance to keep their hands germ-free and clean. Once you’ve rented portable toilets for your event, you’ll want a place for your guests or crews to maintain sanitary conditions. There are several decisions to make before you rent a portable sink. Make sure to look closely at what separates the average from the exceptional, and what features you may need to have. We offer hand washing stations in Texas – just contact one of our three rental locations in Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston.

Renting Portable Hand Wash Stations

Advantages of Hand Washing/ Sanitizing Stations

These are a few of the many advantages to renting these portable sink/ sanitizer stations with Viking Rentals:

  • Ease in Ordering: Being able to see the actual portable sinks you are renting at the website makes it easier to make the right choice. We make it easy to get in touch with us via phone or on the website if you have questions or need to rent.
  • Promoting Excellent Hygiene: These portable hand wash stations allow users to keep their hands clean. These units are especially important when workers are touching or handling any food items.
  • High Quality Washing Facilities: Each of the portable hand wash stations that are available for rent have been skillfully crafted by experienced technicians who have combined decades of experience working with this type of equipment.
Hand Wash Station/ Sink

Viking stocks and rents the best sink in the industry, in all locations.   Some of our customers swear by this this two-station portable sink that is perfect for events where water is a necessity.   The Hand Washing Station is basic, portable and designed to get the job done. With its compact size, it will occupy very little space and thanks to its built-in lift handles, is easy to place in your designated restroom or event area.   The product features two soap dispensers and four individual paper towel dispensers. It even has an optional water heater so your guests can wash with warm water (heated water availability may vary by location and available inventory)

2-Unit Hand Sanitizer

With its slim profile, double-sided access to foam sanitizing dispensers, our 2 unit station can be used indoor and in outdoor applications. Wherever people gather – hospitals, restaurants, fitness centers, schools, warehouses, supermarkets, or other indoor venues – Viking’s 2 unit hand sanitizer is a perfect option for your event(s).

4-Unit Hand Sanitizer

Here’s the most convenient way yet to keep hands clean…perfect for larger events where water is not available!  Our 4 Unit Hand Sanitizer Station with alcohol-free antiseptic foam kills 99% of germs on hands, including E. coli and salmonella.   The Sanitizer is compatible for everyone – from a child’s delicate hands to the roughest hands of the construction worker.  Very popular for tailgates and events where food products are served.

Stand Alone Sanitizer

The Foam Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is designed for foam refills, mounts easily to side walls, and comes pre-assembled.   Viking can mount this to standard portable toilets, walls, etc…

One of the many advantages of using a Foam Dispenser is the substantial savings in product usage compared to other forms of soap dispensers.  When using our Foam Dispenser it delivers approximately twice as many dispenses per refill as most gel or liquid dispensers.

Additionally, foam stays on the users hand whereas gel or liquid often slides off and becomes a messy waste further increasing usage.

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