2-Unit Hot/ Cold Sink Rentals

2-Unit Sink Rentals

The two-station unit is perfect for small or medium events.  They also feature available hot water add-on.

Viking stocks and rents the best sink in the industry, in all locations.   Some of our customers swear by this this two-station portable sink that is perfect for events where water is a necessity.   The Hand Washing Station is basic, portable and designed to get the job done. With its compact size, it will occupy very little space and thanks to its built-in lift handles, is easy to place in your designated restroom or event area.   The product features two soap dispensers and four individual paper towel dispensers. It even has an optional water heater so your guests can wash with warm water (heated water availability may vary by location and available inventory)


Features include:

  • Capacity: 22-gallon fresh water, 24-gallon grey water
  • Nearly 350 uses without refilling
  • Includes two soap dispensers, four paper towel dispensers and hands-free foot pump operation
  • Includes drain plugs and lockable fill caps
  • Engineered with built-in handles to easily maneuver into place
  • Easy on-site maintenance with handy siphon port for pump out
  • Stays put with tie-down ring
  • Weighs 70-lbs empty, 250-lbs full

Note: Non-heated sinks can not be upgraded to heated versions.

Description Measurement
Height 62 in / 157 cm
Width 26.5 in / 67 cm
Depth 21.5 in / 54 cm
Fresh Water Capacity 22 gal / 83 L
Gray Water Capacity 24 gal / 91 L
Pump Capacity (per stroke) 2 fl oz / 59.14 ml
Number of Dispenses 1408
Soap Dispenser Capacity 2 x 30 fl oz / 2 x 887 ml
Total Soap Dispenser Capacity 60 fl oz / 1,774 ml
Paper Towel Capacity 250 towels per pack.
1000 towels per wash station.
(Four packs of single-fold towels
Georgia Pacific 23504)
Weight Empty 70 lb / 32 kg
Weight Full 254 lb / 115.2 kg