Portable Sanitation Rentals in Dallas

Installed, Serviced and Removed Professionally

Portable Toilets

Our regular units are probably what comes to mind when you think “portable toilet.” They are 90” tall and have 915 sq. in. of floor area, providing plenty of room for use at a jobsite or outdoor event. Each of these units include a toilet paper dispenser, lockable door with “In Use” indicator and a seat with a lid. We also include a once-per-week sanitation and restocking service for situations in which the toilets will be used for longer than a week.

ADA Compliant Restrooms

These portable restrooms contain the following features, many of which are especially useful for those with disabilities and their caregivers:

  • An entryway at ground level with no ramp necessary
  • A spacious 360⁰ interior for easy movement and for the possible help from a caregiver
  • An extended seating area
  • One or more handrails for stability wrapping around almost half of the interior wall
  • A door with an ”Open” and “In Use” indicator and lock
  • A toilet paper dispenser
Hand Washing Stations

Portable hand wash stations offer you the opportunity to provide workers or guests a chance to keep their hands germ-free and clean. Once you’ve rented portable toilets for your event, you’ll want a place for your guests or crews to maintain sanitary conditions. There are several decisions to make before you rent a portable sink. Make sure to look closely at what separates the average from the exceptional, and what features you may need to have. We offer hand washing stations in Texas – just contact one of our three rental locations in Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston.

Restroom Trailers

The sleek new two or four station restroom trailer is the way to go – the go-anywhere, do-anything restroom trailer that comes with all the amenities of your very own home bathroom. Each bathroom is private and comes with flushing toilets, sinks, smooth counter tops, mirror and bright ambient light.

Satellite Suites built the Selfie to accommodate small parties and events up to 150 people at a price point that won’t break the bank. The Selfie can stand alone and operate all day with a full fresh water tank and fully charged batteries. For larger and longer events it can hook up to a fresh water source, electric outlet and sewer drain.

The larger Millennium trailer will provide users with an unexpected level of comfort and beauty.   This spacious 4-Station restroom trailer has a delightful interior and enough capacity to provide up to 350 guests a true first-class experience.  The rich wood, and complimentary textured walls and floor create an upscale appearance that is also very durable and easy-to-maintain.

Holding Tanks

Portable toilets are fine for their intended purpose, which is to provide sanitary facilities in remote locations, but there other things that need to be taken into account.

A superintendent’s trailer at a large construction project in Houston or perhaps a real estate sales office on the outskirts of Austin might be good examples of places where guests, customers, and visitors might need to use the facilities. You may want a cleaner setup for them to use, which is where holding tank rentals come into play. Viking Rentals offers these holding tanks, as well as other portable sanitation and rentals, in three Texas locations: Austin, Houston and Dallas.

Take a look inside our new Restroom Trailers

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