Porta Potties Rentals in Dallas

Single Portable Toilets

Portable toilets have evolved from just what you might think of as a “porta potty.”

Portable toilets have evolved from just what you might think of as a “porta potty.” They can be used for different functions, such as weddings, festivals, parades, construction sites and more. Portable toilets are popular for these occasions because of the many advantages they present for guests.

These restroom units make outdoor events and construction sites more convenient for guests and crews. They are cost-effective and an efficient way to set up restroom options no matter the event you’re planning or the jobsite you’re setting up. Viking Rentals carries three options: regular unit, deluxe portable toilet and deluxe plus portable toilet.

Regular Unit

Our regular units are probably what comes to mind when you think “portable toilet.” They are 90” tall and have 915 sq. in. of floor area, providing plenty of room for use at a jobsite or outdoor event. Each of these units include a toilet paper dispenser, lockable door with “In Use” indicator and a seat with a lid. We also include a once-per-week sanitation and restocking service for situations in which the toilets will be used for longer than a week.

Deluxe Portable Toilet

These toilets include the same features and services as the regular unit with several upgrades. Among these extra features are a hand soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser, foot-operated freshwater sink and mirror. Uses for these upgraded restrooms include private parties, company events, festivals, academic events and more.

Deluxe+ Portable Toilets

As the name implies, these units have all of the services and features of the previous two options and then some. This makes the deluxe plus portable toilet a great option for weddings and black tie affairs. In addition to the features listed above, these units have a flushing system for longer-lasting cleanliness, an interior light fixture for nighttime use, and a shelf for personal items. This toilet is built with dual wall construction and vandal-proofing as well.

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