Temporary Chain Link Fence Rental in Dallas

“1/10th The Cost Of Permanent Solutions.”

Viking’s temporary chain link fences are your perfect solution to barriers needed for a specific period of time during special occasions including concerts, construction sites, festivals, markets, and more. We serve the Houston, Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth areas of Texas.

Protect Against Intruders

Viking’s chain link fences are the most appropriate product for construction sites. Due to liability issues and the need to guard against theft of tools and materials, most large building projects employ rental fences in order to ensure the safety of the site. We also offer swinging and sliding gates for your rental fence, as well as windscreens for privacy and security.

Low Cost Security

In-Ground chain link fencing provides a low cost solution to securing your site.   This option can be implemented quickly and removed quickly for about 1/10th of the cost of standard fence installations.   Viking can arrive and install this option in hours, not weeks.   Add on options include barbed wire and gates that can be secured.

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