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Event Barricades 

Barricades are one of the best and least foreboding-looking solutions for crowd control.

Barricades are one of the best and least foreboding-looking solutions for crowd control. They provide guidance during an event by gently encouraging the movements of the public and ensuring the safety of audiences. Barricades are also often considered a more aesthetically pleasing option when compared to high chain link fences, especially for visual events like concerts and parades.


Our barricades, along with our other temporary fences, are ideal for outdoor shows, marathons, exhibitions, political events, sporting events, festivals, and more. Our rental barricades are made of polished steel tubing, come in 8-foot lengths, and rise about 43 inches (3.6 feet) off the ground. The handles allow event sponsor banners and posters to be tied to the barricades. Viking Rentals’ barricades discourage people from climbing over to restricted areas, yet are low enough to allow audiences to see what is happening on the other side of the fence without obstructing their view.


Barricades effectively encourage crowds to form an orderly line, such as at a ticket-vending office, or to stay a mandated distance away as is common during concerts. They can also serve as an area in which an individual can park and lock their bicycle. Our barricades come with female/male connectors that can be used to assemble individual barricades into securely-interlocked lines, which helps prevent unwanted traffic from passing through. Barricades are also effective at keeping the peace in a crowded environment and move traffic along without unnecessary delay.

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Our rental barricades are the perfect temporary fencing solution for your event! For over 40 years, Viking Rentals has provided fencing options to our customers in Dallas, Austin, and Houston, Texas. We have a wide selection of fencing products suited to fit your event’s needs. Questions about our services or rentals? Need a rental quote? Contact us today!

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