How to Transport Porta Potty

How to Transport Porta Potty

Whether you’re trying to move a portable toilet from one area of your venue to another, or from one job site to the next, due diligence can save you time and stress – along with the risk of injury or damage. 

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. You’ll learn how to transport porta potty units here in this guide. From loading to unloading, you’ll feel confident in the process by the time you finish reading below.

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Can You Move a Portable Toilet?

First things first – can you move a portable toilet? You certainly can! However, the process does require careful handling to ensure the safety of the transporter and avoid any spillage. 

That being said, these units are called porta potties – or portable toilets – for a reason. They’re specifically designed to facilitate easy movement within a venue or job site, or even transported longer distances. Here are a few situations in which moving your unit may be necessary:

  • Event Layout Changes: The layout may change at large events like festivals or weddings, necessitating the relocation of portable toilets to areas where they are more accessible to guests or staff.
  • Construction Site Progress: As work progresses on construction sites, portable toilets need to be moved to different areas to remain close to where workers are active for easy access and operational efficiency.
  • Seasonal Adjustments: Portable toilets may be moved seasonally in campgrounds or outdoor public areas based on the expected visitor patterns and site usage.
  • Emergency Relocations: Situations such as flooding, heavy rains, or other emergency conditions might require the toilets to be moved to higher ground or a safer location to prevent damage or contamination.

No matter what brought you here today, we’ll walk you through how to transport porta potty units below. 

How to Transport Porta Potty

Regardless of the types of porta potties you’re trying to move, it’s a fairly straightforward process – you just need the right gameplan and a careful approach. 

We’ll break this guide up into two sections: 1) moving a porta potty by hand to a different location in your venue and 2) actually transporting a portable restroom from one site to another.

Preparing to Move a Porta Potty by Hand

Before you do anything else, take the time to map out your path and prepare the portable toilet for movement. 

This includes emptying it, or at the very least ensuring it’s not completely full, to lower the weight and prevent spills. Our guide on how to clean a portable toilet can help with this. Then, lock the door and secure any loose items inside to prevent damage during movement.

Depending on the porta potty model and the terrain, you might need a dolly or a hand truck designed to handle the weight and dimensions of the porta potty. 

Remove any obstacles in the path where the porta potty will be moved. Check for uneven ground, overhead obstacles, or narrow passages to plan the best route.

Steps for Manual Movement

Actually moving your porta potty is a fairly simple process: 

  1. Position the Dolly/Hand Truck: Tilt the porta potty slightly and slide the dolly or hand truck underneath it. Make sure it is centered to distribute the weight evenly.
  2. Secure the Porta Potty: Use straps or bungee cords to secure the porta potty to the dolly or hand truck. Ensure it’s tightly fastened to prevent it from tipping over during movement.
  3. Move with Caution: Slowly and carefully move the porta potty along the predetermined path. We recommend working with a spotter who can help navigate and watch for any potential hazards.
  4. Unload the Unit: Once you arrive at the new destination, take care to slide the portable toilet off the dolly so you don’t damage it with an abrupt drop, or worse, smash your feet. Then fill it up again if you had to empty it, unlock the door, and you’re good to go!

Preparing for Long-Distance Transportation

Figuring out how to transport porta potty units longer distances requires a bit more planning and equipment. You’ll need either a flatbed truck or a trailer suitable for the size and number of porta potties being transported. 

It’s also important for you to verify the load is compliant with local transport regulations, including weight limits and securing methods. Obtain any necessary permits or escorts for oversized loads.

Loading Techniques for Site-to-Site Transport

Loading a portable toilet onto a dolly is pretty simple since you’re only lifting it a few inches off the ground. Getting the units into the back of a truck or onto a trailer is a bit more involved.

In some cases, it may make sense to use a forklift if you have access to one, otherwise, you’ll need a loading ramp to lift and place each porta potty onto the truck or trailer. Place them away from the edges and make sure they’re balanced to prevent shifts during transport.

Secure each porta potty with ratchet straps or ropes. It’s important to attach the straps to solid parts of the unit to avoid damage. Check that all units are immobile and secure before departure so you don’t deal with any nightmare blowout scenarios on the road.

Unloading and Reinstallation at the New Site

Upon arrival at the new location, unloading and reinstalling the porta potties involves reversing the loading process with added attention to placement and setup:

  1. Unloading: Carefully unload each porta potty using a forklift or ramp, ensuring each unit remains upright and stable.
  2. Site Preparation: Prepare the installation site by ensuring the ground is level and stable. Use gravel or sand if necessary to provide a solid foundation.
  3. Installation: Place each porta potty in its designated spot. Reconnect any utilities if required, and perform a final check to ensure each unit is clean, stocked, and ready for use.

And that’s it! You now know how to transport porta potty units. While it sounds fairly simple, the actual process can be complex and time-consuming, especially when moving multiple units. 

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Closing Thoughts on How to Transport Porta Potty

There you have it – everything you need to know about how to transport porta potty. Doing this safely and efficiently, whether around a site or between locations, requires careful preparation, the right equipment, and an understanding of safety and legal considerations. 

From using hand trucks for short distances to securing porta potties on trailers for long hauls, we hope this guide has left you with a clear understanding of the process so you can handle this yourself.

Learn more about how restroom trailers work, how often holding tanks need to be pumped, porta potty size, DIY bathroom trailer, price for ADA porta potty, and more in our blog. 

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