Porta Potty Size Guide: How Tall Are Porta Potties?

The world of portable toilets is more diverse than you may think, with all sorts of variations in size, weight, and style. This means you can tailor your selection to your specific needs, but it also creates a bit of uncertainty surrounding sizing.

So, how tall are porta potties? How much does a porta potty weigh? What portable toilet size do you need? You’ve come to the right place. Our porta potty size guide will break down the dimensions for the most common units, such as:

  • Standard porta potties: 90” tall with 915 square inches of floor area.
  • ADA porta potties: A bit larger but most importantly, have the height set specifically between 17 inches and 19 inches from the floor to the seat top.
  • Bathroom trailers: Can range from 2-unit to 4-unit trailers, with sizes as large as 19’ long and 9’6” wide.

You’ll know which size is right for your specific event or job site by the time you finish reading below. We’ll also show why Viking Rental has been the trusted choice in Texas since 1972 for all your sanitation solutions, including:

So, get in touch today or learn more about the standard porta potty dimensions below.

What are the Standard Porta Potty Dimensions?

We’ll take a look at the typical height and weight of porta potties before examining the portable toilet dimensions across different types of porta potties. First, how tall are porta potties typically?

How Tall Are Porta Potties Typically?

The typical height for a standard porta potty is about 90 inches. This ensures that the unit can accommodate most individuals comfortably, without feeling cramped or too confined. 

How Much Does a Porta Potty Weigh?

A standard porta potty weighs approximately 230-250 pounds when empty. This weight strikes a balance between stability and portability, making the units easy to transport and set up, yet sturdy enough to withstand usage and environmental factors like wind without tipping over.

That being said, you’ll see that there are far more variations in weight when it comes to portable toilets than height. You can find towable toilets and restroom trailers weighing in excess of 5,000 pounds! 

Dimensions for Typical Porta Potties

A typical porta potty stands at 90 inches tall and covers a floor area of 915 square inches to ensure that the units are accessible and usable under various conditions. 

From long-term placements at construction sites to temporary setups at festivals or outdoor gatherings, there’s a fine line between giving users enough space to do their business without detracting from valuable space for activities and additional guests at a venue. 

Dimensions for ADA Porta Potties

We recently wrote a guide about the ADA portable toilet dimensions because they’re unique, and aligning with these specific dimensions is especially important to align with accessibility requirements.

The units feature a height from floor to seat top of 17 to 19 inches, which facilitates easier transitions for sitting down and standing up. This consideration greatly enhances comfort and usability for individuals requiring more space or those who use mobility aids.

Dimensions for Bathroom Trailers

Bathroom trailers offer a more luxurious and spacious option compared to standalone porta potties. However, there is also a lot more variation in size here. For instance:

  • 2 Unit Trailer: Measures 10’6” long (14’10” with tongue) and 7’7” wide (8’8” with steps), standing at a height of 9’6” (10’7” with AC). It houses a freshwater tank of 104 gallons and a waste tank of 205 gallons, weighing in at 3,800 pounds.
  • 4 Unit Trailer: Extends to 14 feet long (19 feet with tongue) and 8’5” wide (9′ 6” with steps down), with a height of 11’3” including AC. It features a larger capacity with a freshwater tank of 200 gallons and a waste tank of 440 gallons, with a total weight of 5,280 pounds.

These trailers are equipped to handle higher usage rates and provide a more comfortable experience, mirroring the facilities one might find in a permanent structure. Their dimensions and features make them ideal for upscale events, extensive gatherings, or any occasion where comfort and convenience are a priority. 

You don’t need to bother with your own DIY restroom trailer setup, the perfect solution awaits you at Viking Rental. That being said, let’s talk about how to choose the right portable toilet size for your unique needs below!

Tips on Choosing the Right Porta Potty Size for Your Event or Job Site

The ideal porta potty size for a wedding won’t be the same for a construction site. There are a few different moving pieces to consider to ensure you get the ideal size, from guest count to usage duration, facility layout, and more. We’ll cover these below to leave you with a clear understanding of what you need.

Assessing User Capacity Needs

Determining the right size of porta potty starts with understanding the expected number of users. We have a guide on how many portable toilets are needed per person if you aren’t sure where to start.

Smaller, private events or job sites with minimal personnel will typically be fine with a standard porta potty. However, those planning larger events or accounting for high-traffic usage should consider larger units or multiple porta potties to accommodate the greater volume of users and reduce wait times.

Assess Event Duration and Type

Longer events or those with higher levels of physical activity typically require more frequent usage of sanitation facilities. As such, you’ll want a larger unit with a bigger holding tank to accommodate this usage. 

Also, upscale events may call for deluxe models that offer more space and enhanced features for a better user experience. This way, people don’t feel cramped when using the facilities.

Consider Special Requirements

Consider upgrading to porta potties with larger dimensions to comfortably fit a parent and child for events that must accommodate families. 

Additionally, ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by providing accessible units for handicapped guests, like we spoke on earlier. These are larger and equipped with features like grab bars.

Factor in the Layout and Size of the Venue

The physical layout of your event space can also influence your porta potty planning. Just because you want a bathroom trailer and can afford one doesn’t necessarily mean you have the space for it! 

You don’t want any area to become overly congested, so think carefully about the location you’ll place your porta potties in to enhance the overall convenience and satisfaction of the guests.

Budget Constraints

While it’s important to meet all the above needs, always consider your budget. Weigh the costs of different porta potty models and services against their benefits. We have resources comparing the porta potty rental prices against the price for ADA porta potty or even the bathroom trailer rental cost.

Remember, investing in adequate sanitation facilities can significantly enhance the overall event experience, which may not matter at a job site but is certainly important for corporate events, weddings, festivals, and other occasions where the details can’t be overlooked.

But no matter what size and style you need, your search for where to rent a porta potty in Texas ends here at Viking Rental. 

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Bringing Our Porta Potty Size Guide to a Close

That concludes our detailed portable toilet size guide. From height to weight, overall dimensions, and more, we hope you feel confident in choosing the ideal porta potty size for your specific event or job site.

At this point, there’s just one thing left to do – prioritize the experience of your guests or employees by partnering with the pros at Viking Rental. 

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