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The safety and efficiency of your worksite hinge on one crucial element: reliable and durable barricades. The right barricade not only safeguards your team and the public but also streamlines operations, ensuring a smooth flow of traffic and pedestrians. 

But with so many different construction barricade types to choose from, you may feel overwhelmed or uncertain about your next steps. The stakes are high and you want to get the best bang for your buck while enjoying peace of mind knowing your site is safe and secure.

At Viking Rentals, we understand the stakes. Our world-class selection of barricades, from robust metal barriers to versatile water-filled options, is designed to meet the diverse needs of any construction project. 

We’ll cover all the various types of barricades in construction, equipping you with the knowledge to choose the most effective solutions. If you’re in the Texas region we can help you get set up with the perfect barricade solution. 

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The Role of Various Construction Barricade Types

The role of construction barricades extends far beyond simple boundary markers. They are integral to safety, logistics, and legal compliance on a construction site. Here’s a closer look at their multifaceted roles:

Enhancing Safety for Workers and Pedestrians

Barricades act as a physical barrier between construction activities and workers, minimizing the risk of accidents. They are essential in demarcating hazardous areas like deep excavations or areas with heavy machinery operations.

Barricades also serve as a crucial shield for pedestrians in urban construction sites, protecting them from construction debris, vehicles, and other hazards. They help in creating safe walkways around or through the construction area.

Directing Traffic and Pedestrian Flow

Construction often disrupts regular traffic flow. Barricades such as cones, drums, and jersey barriers are used to safely reroute vehicular traffic, minimize congestion, and prevent accidents near the site.

Barricades help in directing pedestrian traffic too, ensuring individuals can navigate around the construction site safely and efficiently. Clear signage on barricades also assists in guiding pedestrians, reducing confusion and potential hazards.

Legal Compliance and Risk Mitigation

The use of barricades is often mandated by local or federal safety regulations. Non-compliance can lead to legal issues, including fines and work stoppages.

Barricades significantly reduce the risk of accidents by clearly demarcating hazardous areas and managing the flow of traffic and people. This minimizes the liability for construction companies in case of any untoward incidents.

What are the Most Common Types of Barricades in Construction?

The sheer number of different types of construction barricades can be overwhelming. But, we’re here to simplify it and help you feel confident choosing among the various construction barricade types. 

We’ll start with the most common types of barricades used in construction and event management: metal barricades.

Metal Barricades

Metal barricades are often made of steel or aluminum, which is why they’re known for their durability and strength. They are typically used to create secure perimeters around construction sites or to manage crowds during events.

Their robust nature makes them ideal for long-term use. They can withstand harsh weather conditions and are resistant to wear and tear. Metal barricades are also easily configurable and can be linked to form longer barriers.

These are commonly seen at construction sites, particularly in urban areas where pedestrian and vehicular traffic need to be safely managed.

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Water-Filled Barriers

What is a water barrier, you ask? These are made of high-density polyethylene and are filled with water to provide stability and weight. They are used for traffic control and delineation in areas where a heavy, immovable barrier is impractical.

One of the key benefits is their adaptability. They are lightweight and easy to transport when empty. Once filled with water, they become a solid barrier. They are also less damaging to vehicles in case of accidental impact, compared to concrete or metal barriers.

Water-filled barriers are particularly useful in temporary construction zones, road works, and areas requiring frequent reconfiguration of traffic patterns.

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Concrete Barriers

Concrete barriers, including the well-known Jersey barriers, are heavy, solid structures used primarily for traffic management and protection.

Their significant weight makes them extremely stable and effective at stopping vehicles, making them ideal for highway construction sites. They are also durable and require minimal maintenance.

Concrete barriers are most commonly used for long-term projects, especially where there is a risk of vehicle intrusion or to separate lanes of traffic near construction sites. 

That being said, they’re a lot more difficult to move around – so you’ll need to really consider if the rental term justifies their use.

Traffic Cones and Drums

Traffic cones and drums are some of the most common types of barricades in construction. That being said, they’re more of visual detergents than anything else.

Cones are typically cone-shaped, made of a flexible plastic material, and are used to mark off areas and guide traffic flow. Drums, larger and more noticeable, offer a similar function but with increased visibility and stability.

The portability of traffic cones makes them ideal for quick and temporary site changes. They are often used to mark minor hazards or alterations in traffic patterns. 

Drums are better suited for delineating more substantial hazards or for use in areas with higher traffic volumes with their larger size and ability to be weighted down.

Both of these types of construction barricades are essential for guiding vehicular and pedestrian traffic around hazards, construction zones, or changes in road layouts, especially in areas where ongoing work or frequent adjustments are necessary.

Plastic and Vinyl Barricades

These types of barricades in construction are typically lightweight and easily movable. They come in various designs, such as folding barricades, A-frame barricades, and expandable options.

Their light weight makes them easy to transport and set up. Many plastic and vinyl barricades are designed to be collapsible or modular, allowing for compact storage and adaptable usage.

These types of barricades in construction are perfect for temporary setups. They’re often used for indoor and outdoor events, small construction projects, or in any scenario where a quick, flexible barricading solution is needed.

Fence Panels

Fence panels used in construction are usually temporary and portable. They can be made of materials such as chain-link, welded wire, or even solid panels for privacy and dust control.

These panels provide a secure boundary, effectively preventing unauthorized entry into construction sites. They can be linked to cover large perimeters and are adaptable to various terrains and layouts.

Fence panels are particularly essential for long-term construction projects. They’re used to secure the site, protect stored materials and equipment, and ensure the safety of both workers and the public.

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Choosing the Right Types of Construction Barricades for Your Needs

Whether you’re trying to figure out how to barricade an event or you’re looking to keep your construction site safe, secure, and compliant, choosing the right types of barricades can’t be overlooked. 

But, you don’t need to stress over it. We’re here to break it all down and help you feel confident sourcing the right construction barricade types for your unique needs!

Assessing the Project Requirements

Start by considering the size and duration of your project. Large, long-term projects may need more durable solutions like concrete barriers or fence panels, while shorter-term projects might benefit from the flexibility of water-filled barriers or traffic cones.

Environment matters, too. Urban environments with heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic require different barricading solutions compared to rural or less densely populated areas. High-visibility options like traffic cones and drums are crucial in busy areas.

Matching Barricade Types to Specific Scenarios

Choosing the right type of construction barricades is as simple as considering what you’re using it for:

  • Traffic Control: For projects impacting roadways, consider using Jersey barriers or traffic cones and drums to safely redirect traffic. The stability and visibility of these barricades are key in these scenarios.
  • Pedestrian Safety: If your project is in an area with significant foot traffic, barricades like plastic and vinyl barriers can provide safe walkways for pedestrians, ensuring they are guided away from hazards.
  • Securing Perimeters: Fence panels are ideal for creating a secure boundary around construction sites, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring the safety of both workers and the public. 

Considerations for Durability and Visibility

Choosing types of construction barricades that can withstand weather elements and the wear and tear of prolonged use is crucial for projects that span months or years. Concrete and metal barriers are typically more durable than their plastic counterparts.

Similarly, construction barricade types with high visibility are essential in areas with low lighting and high traffic. Reflective materials, bright colors, and adequate lighting can enhance the effectiveness of the barricade, especially in conditions with poor visibility.


Choosing the right types of barricades in construction requires alignment with your project’s specific needs, considering factors like duration, location, and the type of traffic or pedestrian interaction expected. Whatever you need, you can count on Viking Rentals to provide it!

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Bringing Our Conversation on Construction Barricade Types to a Close

With so many different types of barricades in construction it can be tough to choose the right one. You need a solution that can enhance safety, manage traffic, and ensure legal compliance on your worksite. From metal and water-filled barriers to traffic cones and fence panels, each type serves a unique purpose. 

Our blog has additional resources on topics like the cost to rent a porta potty, what is a holding tank, bathroom trailer rental cost, and more. But at this point there is just one thing left for you to do – get in touch to learn more about the different construction barricade types we have to offer.

Our expertise and commitment to customer service ensure your site’s safety and efficiency. For a solution that combines quality, reliability, and expert support, contact Viking Rentals. Request a quote today and secure the ideal barricade for your construction needs.