Temporary Fence Rentals in Dallas

Temporary Fence Panels

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In-Ground Chain Link

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Swing or Slide Gates.

Wind Screen

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Temporary Fence Rental

Why Temp Fence?

Temporary fences are needed in all kinds of events and situations.  Construction managers will use in-ground or temporary fence panels so secure construction sites for safety and security.  Event planners will use temporary fence options, including interlocking barricades in order to ensure crowds remain in designated areas to promote safety and crowd control.  Depending on the size and time frame for your project or event, you will need to decide if in-ground or panel options are your best route.  Viking can work with you to provide low cost solutions for your project that get the job done.

Viking offers event grade and construction grade fence panels.   Events requiring the newest materials to present the best look for the brand will need to use event grade panels.  These are generally newer and have a cleaner look needed for high-end events.

Save Money

The major attraction of temporary rental fences is that they offer a significant cost reduction in comparison to a formal fence installation. The labor factor is much reduced, since there is no need to dig holes or pour concrete, nor to return later and yank out all those concreted fence posts from the site. Rental fence can be erected and taken down very rapidly, even in comparison to just putting up a regular chain link fence– not to mention removal as well.

Viking Rentals offers fence panels, temporary chain link fence, barricades and accessories. We have your rental fencing needs covered in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and Austin.

Security Options

Barbed Wire: One option you might want to add to your temporary fence panel is that of three strands of barbed wire running across the top. This solution is often used in situations where valuable equipment and supplies are left outdoors, like on a construction site. Barbed wire on your rental fence will prevent people from climbing over the fence at your job or event site and is the best value in terms of fence security.

Wind Screen:  Wind screen can help secure worksites from prying eyes and make it less likely that your operation will be the victim of theft or trespassing by blocking’s the view beyond the fence from most passers-by.

Tension Wire: This solution differs from the others in that it’s applied to the bottom of the fence instead of the top. Tension wire can add strength to your temporary chain link fence and deter criminals from the fenced-off area. It can be used with one of the other security options as well.

Emergency Rentals

Frequently, temporary rental fence is needed on short notice. If a building were to collapse, the need to cordon off the site to prevent looting or prowling around in a dangerous environment would necessitate getting a fence built right away. This is an example where the only thing that will work is a quickly-installed temporary chain link fence.

As a general rule, temporary fence is a necessary expense that has to be incurred in order to achieve some larger purpose, such as building a new shopping center or keeping crowds off a freshly-sodded portion of a public park. Like all such expenses, the thinking is to get the job done at the best price without sacrificing quality. Temporary fence supplies from Viking will fulfill those needs.

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