What to Use as a Temporary Fence

Temporary fencing is important for security, privacy, and crowd control across a range of situations. Whether it’s for construction sites, special events, or emergency scenarios, figuring out what to use as a temporary fence is not something to take lightly.

But with so many options at your fingertips, which makes the most sense for your specific needs? We’re going to help you find out in this quick guide. Your choices range from sturdy chain link panels to flexible plastic rolls and beyond.

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Assessing Your Temporary Fencing Needs

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer for what to use as a temporary fence. It all comes down to what exactly you’re trying to safeguard, how long you’ll need the fencing, where you’re setting up shop, and more.

Construction sites, for instance, require robust barriers to deter trespassing and protect assets. Events, on the other hand, need fences that manage foot traffic while maintaining an inviting atmosphere. For residential applications, such as remodeling or pet enclosures, privacy and ease of access are often key considerations.

The duration of fence usage directly influences your choice as well. Short-lived needs might be best served by lightweight, easily movable options, whereas long-term projects benefit from materials that resist wear and tear. This decision impacts not only the type of fencing but also the investment in installation and potential for reuse.

Terrain and environmental conditions are equally critical. A flat suburban landscape offers different challenges than a hilly rural setting. Fences on soft soil must resist sinking, while those in coastal areas should withstand corrosive salt air.

Windy locales demand sturdy, wind-permeable options to prevent toppling. In areas with heavy rainfall, consider fencing that won’t obstruct natural water flow to avoid flooding.

Moreover, compliance with local regulations cannot be ignored. Some areas have specific requirements regarding fence height, reflectivity for visibility at night, and even color. Ignoring these could lead to fines or required modifications post-installation.

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What to Use as a Temporary Fence in Different Scenarios

Selecting the right temporary fence hinges on the scenario at hand. Each use case, from construction sites to events, and from pet enclosures to emergency scenarios, demands a tailored approach to ensure safety, functionality, and cost-efficiency.

Temporary Fencing for Construction Sites

Construction sites are home to valuable equipment and ongoing work, which is why you need a secure perimeter to prevent theft and unauthorized entry.

Heavy-duty chain link fencing is a robust option, often favored for its durability and visibility. These fences can be enhanced with privacy screens to deter prying eyes and reduce dust and debris from spreading.

Reflective safety strips and warning signs can also be added to enhance visibility and safety around the clock. This may not be necessary in some jurisdictions, but in others, it’s a matter of compliance.

Event Fencing: Crowd Control and Aesthetics

Events require a delicate balance between safety and aesthetics. For upscale occasions, elegant vinyl event fences offer a pleasing appearance while guiding guests.

On the other hand, metal barricades are the go-to for concerts and festivals, where crowd control takes precedent. They provide a sturdy barrier but can be easily reconfigured as the crowd size and flow change throughout the event.

Temporary Fencing for Pets and Livestock

Maybe you’re wondering specifically what to use as a temporary fence for pets and livestock. Containment and safety are the top priorities when it comes to animals.

Mesh wire panels are a popular choice as they provide visibility and prevent escape without harming the animals. Electric fencing can be a temporary solution for larger livestock, offering a gentle reminder to stay within boundaries without the need for a solid barrier.

Emergency and Disaster Relief Fencing

Quick deployment and adaptability are key in the wake of a disaster. Rapidly installable panel fences can secure hazardous areas or create safe zones for relief efforts. These fences must be sturdy enough to withstand chaotic environments yet flexible enough to be set up on uneven terrain or amidst debris.

Cost-Effective Temporary Fencing

We know that the cost to rent a temporary fence is an important consideration, especially when you’re running an event or managing a project with a tight budget.

Plastic and wire mesh offer affordable solutions for short-term use, while renting higher-end options can be cost-effective for those requiring a temporary fence only occasionally.

When considering cost, factor in not just the initial price but also the longevity and potential for reuse in future projects. Remember that you get what you pay for. You can learn more about the temporary chain link fence rental prices in our blog.

DIY Temporary Fencing Alternatives

Now, what is a temporary fence DIY alternative you could consider if you don’t have access to any of these and you’re in a time crunch? We’ve got you covered.

A popular DIY temporary fence involves PVC pipes and heavy-duty zip ties combined with mesh garden fencing. This solution is lightweight, easily customizable, and can be assembled with minimal tools. It’s ideal for creating pet enclosures or modest garden barriers.

The use of rebar can provide additional stability to the structure, as seen in some DIY projects, where it’s used to anchor the PVC frame into the ground.

Another approach is to construct wire panels or wooden slats connected with hinges. These can be quickly pieced together to form a fence that is sturdy yet reconfigurable. This method allows for more substantial fencing, suitable for larger animals or more durable applications.

Or, you could consider lattice work and bamboo screens for a more aesthetic temporary fencing solution. These materials can be fastened to existing structures or supported with posts, offering a visually pleasing barrier that can still be removed when no longer needed.

While these alternatives are certainly not optimal, they can work in some situations where aesthetics and functionality are not top priorities.

Just remember that you need to assess the tools and skills required and be realistic with yourself about whether it’s worth the time investment to take the DIY temporary fence route. Most of the time you’ll discover that you’re better off spending the cash for a professional temporary fence setup.

Installation Tips for Temporary Fencing

Now that you know what to use as a temporary fence, we want to offer a few pieces of advice on how to get it installed with aesthetics and functionality in mind:

  • Check Local Regulations Verify that your temporary fence complies with local zoning laws and regulations before installation. This may include height restrictions, visibility requirements, or specific materials that are allowed.
  • Assess the Site: Take note of the terrain and any potential obstacles, such as trees, slopes, or uneven ground, which could impact the stability of your fence. This assessment will inform the type of fencing and installation method you choose.
  • Mark the Perimeter We recommend using flags or spray paint, as this visual guide ensures your fence is placed exactly where you need it and helps avoid any unnecessary adjustments later on.
  • Prepare the Ground If the ground is uneven, level it as much as possible to provide a stable base for your fence. For soft soil, you may need to compact the area or use wider bases for fence posts to prevent sinking.
  • Safety First Wear protective gear such as gloves and safety glasses, especially when handling wire or cutting materials. Ensure all panels and posts are securely connected to prevent gaps or weak points.
  • Anchor Securely Use appropriate anchoring for your fence type and the ground conditions. Metal stakes, heavy-duty zip ties, or concrete blocks can be used to anchor fencing panels firmly in place. In windy areas, consider using wind braces or sandbags for additional support.
  • Inspect Regularly Check for any damage, wear, or loose connections and address these issues promptly to maintain the fence’s effectiveness.

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Final Thoughts on What to Use as a Temporary Fence

Temporary fencing is a versatile and essential solution for ensuring the safety, security, and organization of various sites. And since you know who to use as temporary fencing, you can now feel confident in your next steps.

From robust in-ground chain link fences for construction sites to quick-setup panels for events and specialized options like wind screens and barbed wire for enhanced privacy and security, the right temporary fence meets your specific needs with efficiency and reliability.

Whichever approach you choose, remember that Viking Rental is the best choice in the state for effective, efficient solutions at a fair price, all backed by world-class support along the way.

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