What is a Temporary Fence?

Maybe you are getting ready to put on a massive event and are worried about security or organization. Or, perhaps you’re overseeing a construction project and need to stay compliant while protecting assets. 

Either way, temporary fencing is the key to keeping things running safely and smoothly while safeguarding individuals and your property. But what is a temporary fence, exactly

We’ll break it down in this guide to help you feel more confident choosing a temporary fencing solution for your unique needs. You’ll discover the role these play along with tips on finding a rental provider you can trust. 

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What is a Temporary Fence?

First things first – what is a temporary fence? As the name suggests, this is a free-standing, self-supporting fence panel. 

It’s designed for quick installation and can be easily moved or reconfigured based on changing needs, unlike its permanent counterparts.

These fences are anchored in place using weights, like concrete blocks or metal stands, ensuring stability without the need for digging or permanent anchoring. We’ll peel the layers of temporary fencing back even further below to help you gain a stronger understanding. 

Temporary Fences Explained

The primary function of a temporary fence is to provide security and crowd control. 

Whether it’s for construction sites to protect valuable equipment and ensure the safety of workers and the public, or for events to manage the flow of attendees, the flexibility of temporary fencing is unmatched. 

Temporary fencing offers a blend of mobility and robustness, granting organizers and site managers the peace of mind that their areas are safeguarded while also being adaptable to changing circumstances.

What is Considered a Temporary vs Permanent Fence?

Now, what is considered a temporary vs permanent fence – how can you distinguish between the two? The fundamental distinction between temporary and permanent fences lies in their installation and intended duration of use. 

Temporary fences are designed for short-term applications and can be set up or dismantled swiftly. They don’t require invasive procedures like digging post holes or pouring concrete. 

On the other hand, permanent fences are fixed structures meant to last for years. These typically involve deeper installation processes, including digging, concreting, and secure anchoring, ensuring they stand the test of time and elements.

Different Types of Temporary Fencing Solutions

There are a multitude of fencing styles you can use on a temporary basis. While the most common is chain link, here are all your options:

  • Chain Link Fencing: A popular choice for construction sites, chain link fences offer a sturdy barrier against trespassers while providing clear visibility.
  • Mesh Fencing: Often used for events, mesh fencing provides a balance of security and aesthetics. Its fabric design is less intimidating than chain link but still effective for crowd control.
  • Barricades: Typically seen at concerts or parades, barricades are steel barriers that help manage large crowds and create designated pathways.
  • Picket Fencing: Ideal for upscale events like weddings or corporate gatherings, picket fencing adds a touch of elegance while delineating boundaries.
  • Privacy Screens: Often attached to other fencing types, privacy screens block visibility, making them perfect for shielding sensitive activities or creating exclusive event spaces.

We’ll talk more about choosing the right temporary fence rental solution later on. First, what is a temporary fence used for? Let’s highlight all the common use cases.

What is a Temporary Fence Used For?

Temporary fences serve a multitude of purposes, addressing diverse needs across different sectors. From ensuring safety to aiding in crowd management, these mobile barriers play an essential role in many situations.

Event Management

The unpredictability of large crowds can be a challenge. Whether it’s a music festival, sporting event, or community fair, organizers need tools to guide the flow of attendees, manage entrances and exits, and demarcate specific zones. Temporary fences come in handy by:

  • Creating Lines: Streamlining the entry and exit process, minimizing chaos, and ensuring a smooth attendee experience.
  • Delineating Zones: Temporary fences help in organizing spaces efficiently by separating VIP areas, food and beverage stands, or stages.
  • Enhancing Safety: These fences act as protective barriers in events with potential hazards like pyrotechnics or large equipment.

Simply put, a temporary fence keeps unauthorized guests out of your event while elevating and organizing the experience for all inside.

Construction Sites

Safety and security are paramount on construction sites. A boundary is crucial with heavy machinery, ongoing work, and valuable equipment around. Temporary fences on construction sites:

  • Prevent Unauthorized Access: Warding off potential trespassers and ensuring only trained professionals enter the site.
  • Protect Valuable Equipment: Fences act as a deterrent against theft or vandalism. This means you can enjoy peace of mind keeping equipment, tools, and more on-site overnight or on weekends.
  • Ensure Public Safety: They keep curious passersby at a safe distance from potential hazards. This protects you from litigation in the event a civilian gets hurt on-site – they’d have to climb your fence in order for that to happen, at which point they’re trespassing.

Home and Garden Projects

Temporary fences are also invaluable for homeowners diving into renovation or landscaping projects – here’s why:

  • Provide Privacy: Shielding ongoing work from neighbors’ eyes and potential onlookers.
  • Manage Waste: Creating designated areas for materials, tools, or debris, ensuring they don’t spill into neighbors’ properties or public spaces.
  • Protect Fresh Work: For projects like new sod or a garden bed, fences prevent pets or children from accidentally damaging the area

Emergency Situations

Rapid response and clear demarcations are vital in times of crises, such as natural disasters or accidents. A temporary fence can aid your response in:

  • Cordoning off Areas: Whether it’s the aftermath of a storm, a fire, or any other disaster, fences keep people away from danger zones.
  • Managing Relief Operations: These fences can create organized zones in areas struck by calamities for aid distribution, medical camps, or temporary shelters.
  • Preserving Crime Scenes: Temporary fencing can help law enforcement maintain the integrity of a crime scene, ensuring evidence isn’t tampered with.

Should You Buy or Rent a Temporary Fence?

You know you need temporary fencing. What you aren’t certain about is where it makes more sense to rent a temporary fence or invest in one outright. There are pros and cons to both approaches, and we’ll break it down for you below:

Cost Efficiency

Purchasing a temporary fence involves an upfront investment that’s typically much higher than the cost of renting. That being said, you do start to enjoy savings if you would otherwise rent temporary fencing frequently enough. It all comes down to how often you use your fencing.

But, owning a fence means bearing the costs of maintenance, repairs, and replacements, which can add up over time. In contrast, rental companies like Viking Rentals handle maintenance, ensuring you get a well-maintained fence every time.

You also need to consider the cost of storage and setup when the fence isn’t in use. This will be talked about more in just a moment.

Flexibility & Versatility

Your fencing needs can change based on the event or project. Renting allows you to select different sizes, types, and configurations based on specific requirements.

Further to that point, many projects requiring temporary fences are short-term. Why invest in a permanent asset for a fleeting need? Unless you have events year-round or are running a construction company, you won’t need temporary fencing frequently enough to justify the investment.

Storage Concerns

You need a place to store the fence when not in use if you own it. This can become a hassle, especially if space is at a premium. Storing your fences improperly can lead to wear and tear. 

Renting a fence temporarily eliminates this pain point. The rental company takes the fence back at the end of your rental period, handling the teardown and removing any worry about where you’re going to store your fence until its next use.

Up-to-Date Solutions

Fencing solutions, like all products, evolve. Rental companies continually update their inventory, ensuring clients get modern, efficient, and safe fencing solutions.

providers ensure their fencing solutions comply with the latest safety standards and regulations. Owning a fence means regularly checking and updating it to adhere to such norms.

Hassle-free Experience

This is perhaps the biggest reason to rent a temporary fence rather than buy one. Renowned rental companies take care of delivery, setup, and removal. This convenience is often overlooked but can save significant time and energy.

You’re left to focus on the things that matter most to your operation. You don’t have to waste money paying expensive workers to set up a fence. And, you also get the value of an experienced partner who can help you choose the right fence for your unique needs.

Tips for Finding a Reliable Temporary Fence Rental Service in Texas

In the end, renting a temporary fence almost always makes more sense than buying one yourself. So, how can you find a reliable rental partner you can count on? Here are a few tips on your next steps…

Research and Reviews

Start by investigating the reputation of a temporary fence rental service near you. Every business worth its salt will have some online footprint in today’s digital age. 

Look for customer reviews and testimonials on their official website or better yet, third-party review platforms. These are more unbiased and you will have access to the good, the bad, and the ugly – while a company will typically only post favorable reviews on its own site.

Previous clients’ experiences can provide invaluable insights into the quality of service and products the company offers. See if you can get a recommendation locally – word-of-mouth testimonials are always a great starting point.

Service Versatility

The best rental services have a wide array of fencing solutions tailored to diverse needs. Whether it’s for an upscale outdoor event or a rugged construction site, ensure the company can cater to your specific requirements, from fence types to additional accessories.

Pricing and Value

Whether it’s the temporary fence rental cost or the cost to rent porta potty, it’s essential to find a service that offers competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of the fencing.

Remember, the cheapest option may not always represent the best value. You’ll want a balance between cost-effectiveness and product durability, ensuring that the fences withstand the test of time and use.

That being said, you don’t have to break the bank to get quality. We offer the best of both worlds here at Viking Rentals – more on that later.

Ease of Communication

Effective communication is the backbone of any successful partnership. Gauge the responsiveness of the fence rental service. 

Do they quickly answer your queries, or are you stuck waiting multiple business days after requesting a quote? Are they transparent about their offerings and costs? 

A company that values open communication will be easier to work with and is more likely to provide a seamless service experience. This offers peace of mind knowing the company is ready to help should you run into issues during your rental period. 

Safety Protocols and Installation Expertise

Temporary fencing needs to be installed with utmost precision and care, especially in high-traffic or hazardous areas. 

Ensure that the rental service follows rigorous safety protocols during installation and can provide evidence of their team’s expertise. 

Knowledgeable installation not only ensures the fence’s effectiveness but also reduces potential safety hazards for both users and passersby.

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Bringing Our Beginner’s Guide to Temporary Rental Fences to a Close

As we wrap up this comprehensive guide, it’s evident that temporary fences play a pivotal role in ensuring safety, privacy, and order across various scenarios. From the diverse types to the myriad applications, understanding the nuances of temporary fencing is key to making an informed choice. 

Learn more about our rental solutions in our blog, where you’ll find similar guides like what a holding tank is or what a water barrier is. Or, if you’re ready to cross temporary fence rental off your to-do list, head over to our site and request a quote today.

With Viking Rentals, you’re not just getting a fence – you’re investing in a legacy of excellence and unmatched customer satisfaction. Don’t settle for less, trust the experts. Secure your premises and secure your peace of mind with our help.