How Much Are Portable Sanitation Units Monthly

Imagine you’re planning that backyard wedding, managing a months-long construction site, or organizing a sold-out concert. One of the last things you want to worry about is bathroom logistics. But ensuring proper sanitation doesn’t have to be a budgetary nightmare. 

Renting portable toilets or restrooms can be surprisingly affordable. For example, standard porta potties can range from roughly $75 – $250 per month. 

However, prices vary wildly. So, how much are portable sanitation units monthly? Let’s break down the factors influencing the cost of portable sanitation, ensuring you snag the best deal without sacrificing the necessary amenities.

What are Sanitation Units?

Sanitation units, commonly known as porta-potties, are portable, self-contained restrooms. They often consist of a simple plastic enclosure with a toilet seat and a holding tank for waste. 

More deluxe models, such as bathroom trailers, offer amenities like flushing toilets, sinks, and even showers. These units are widely used at outdoor events and construction sites or during renovations when conventional plumbing isn’t accessible.

What Influences the Cost of Renting Portable Sanitation Units on a Monthly Basis?

So, how much are portable sanitation units monthly? Several variables impact the price you’ll pay. Understanding these factors empowers you to secure the best deal for your project’s bottom line. 

The Type of Portable Sanitation Unit

The style of your sanitation unit rental is the most significant cost determinant. Let’s break down the common types of porta potties:

  • Standard Porta Potties: The most basic option is surprisingly affordable for monthly rentals. They provide the bare necessities: a place to do your business. Standard porta-potties are great for construction sites, smaller gatherings, or as a supplement to luxury options at more extensive events.
  • ADA Portable Toilets: Designed for inclusivity, these models offer increased internal space for easier wheelchair maneuvering. ADA portable toilet dimensions must exceed certain specifications, meaning a slightly higher price tag than standard counterparts.
  • Flushable Porta Potties: These upgraded units provide a flushing mechanism like an airplane bathroom, resulting in increased user comfort and cleanliness. Expect to pay a premium over standard versions, especially for long-term monthly rentals.
  • Bathroom Trailers: The kings of comfort! These self-contained luxury trailers boast spacious interiors, running water, flushing toilets, and separate stalls. Naturally, they come with a significantly higher price point. If you’re planning a high-profile event or looking to give your construction crew upscale accommodations, they are a savvy choice.
  • Portable Hand Washing Stations: While not toilets, they fulfill a critical hygiene need by providing access to clean water and soap. They’re often required in addition to traditional sanitation units. Consider a DIY portable hand washing station for basic use cases; these can be quite economical.

Location and Delivery

When considering how much are portable sanitation units monthly, your location significantly affects rental costs. 

Major metropolitan areas tend to have higher prices, while more rural locations typically have lower rates. Delivery charges to your desired location can also play a role in your expenses, particularly if your site is difficult to access.

Brand Specific Variances

Not all rental companies are created equal!  

Well-established brands offering an experienced crew, impeccably maintained units, and exceptional customer service may charge slightly more than newcomers in the industry. Be sure to factor in additional fees some companies might include.


While you might not initially think of seasons as impacting the price, demand can indeed be a factor. Peak season in the construction and events industries (generally warmer months) drives prices upward due to increased competition for rentals. 

If possible, securing your rentals during the off-season (colder months) can result in lower costs. Additionally, booking well in advance, especially for large events occurring during peak season, is wise to ensure availability and potentially lock in better rates.

Other Costs to Account For

Beyond the base rental charge, keep in mind there are additional fees associated with portable sanitation rentals:

Cleaning and Servicing

This is an absolute necessity and probably your most significant recurring expense. Depending on use frequency, most units require weekly cleaning and waste removal. In particular, be sure to factor in cleaning costs in the portable hand washing station rental cost as well if applicable. 

Fees vary based on your location, selected unit types, and the rental company’s pricing structure.


Your unit will need restocking with essentials like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and sometimes even deodorizer. Some companies include this in their service contracts, while others may apply an additional consumables fee, or ask you to provide your own supplies. 

Clarify upfront what is – and isn’t – included in your rental to avoid unexpected charges.

Damage or Excessive Cleaning

Most reputable rental companies include standard wear-and-tear in the cost. 

However, excessive damage or a unit needing intensive cleaning beyond usual servicing could incur extra fees. Ensure you and your employees, guests, or attendees understand proper usage to minimize these potential costs.

Optional Add-Ons

Some companies offer add-ons for an extra fee. These can include upgraded toilet paper, enhanced cleaning and deodorizing solutions, or even portable sinks for standard units. While not always essential, these add-ons can certainly improve the user experience if budget allows.

So, How Much Are Portable Sanitation Units Monthly?

So, how much are portable sanitation units monthly? While there’s no simple, one-size-fits-all answer, here’s a general guideline to help you start building your budget:

  • Standard Porta Potties: You can usually find these around $75 – $250 per month or even less if you secure a long-term contract.
  • ADA Portable Toilets: Expect to pay $100 – $300 monthly due to their larger size and specialized design.
  • Flushable Porta Potties: These will run anywhere from $150 – $400 per month, depending on features.
  • Bathroom Trailers: Luxury comes at a cost! Monthly rental prices start around $1,000 and can easily exceed $5,000 for multi-stall, high-end trailers.
  • Handwashing Stations: Rental prices start from $75 – $200 monthly, though DIY solutions can be much cheaper.

Remember, location, service frequency, rental company, and add-ons will all influence your final cost. The best approach is to get quotes from reputable vendors outlining the cost breakdown for your project’s needs.

Tips on Getting the Best Value in Portable Sanitation Unit Rentals

Now that you know how much are portable sanitation units monthly, let’s explore strategies to stretch your sanitation budget to the max:

Estimate Needs Accurately

Start by carefully estimating the number of people who will use the rented facilities. Will this be a short-term event or a multi-month construction project? Are there any legal sanitation requirements specific to your industry or location? 

Answering these questions allows you to tailor your rental choices for the perfect capacity,  preventing the overspending caused by renting more units than you need.

Prioritize Long-Term Contracts

If your sanitation needs extend over several months, inquire about long-term rental contracts. Most companies offer lower monthly rates for extended leases, meaning bigger long-term savings for your project.

Balance Needs vs. Budget

The allure of multi-stall bathroom trailers with running water is undeniable!  However, weigh the necessity of luxurious features against the cost of restroom trailer rental

Could standard porta-potties or flushable models suit your audience while saving you considerably? Be honest about which amenities are non-negotiable and which ones are mere “nice-to-haves”.

Request Bundled Pricing

Do you anticipate needing additional rentals beyond sanitation units? Perhaps your construction site requires DIY temporary fence solutions, or your event is looking for temporary chain link fence rental prices

And if applicable for your case, don’t forget about the many other types of temporary fencing companies often offer. From crowd control barriers to privacy screens, the temporary fence rental cost can be flexible and there’s a temporary fence solution for almost any need. 

Check if your chosen rental company offers bundle deals on multiple items. Package discounts can add up to substantial savings on your overall rental costs.

Shop Around

Never settle for the first quote you receive! Dedicate time to comparing prices and service levels from a few reputable companies. 

Be mindful not only of rental fees but also delivery costs, cleaning schedules, and the reputation of the business. A bit of research upfront can ensure you snag the best possible value.

Consider Off-Season Rentals

Just like hotels, porta potty rental prices see some fluctuation due to seasonal demand. 

If your event or project allows for scheduling flexibility, try securing your rentals during the off-season (usually colder months). Doing so might land you better rates and more relaxed availability compared to peak demand periods.

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Bringing Our Guide on Portable Sanitation Unit Prices to a Close

Okay, now you know how much are portable sanitation units monthly along with all the things that can make your rental more or less expensive. 

Choosing the right sanitation plan isn’t just about price, though. Consider guest comfort, project duration, and the potential need for handwashing options to land on the smartest selection. 

Ready to take the next step? Before you make any decisions, don’t forget the classic debate: porta potty vs bathroom trailer. It’s all about comfort vs cash! 

If you need help figuring out what’s right for your budget and your guests (or workers), that’s where Viking Rentals steps in. We’re your Texas go-to for porta-potties, fancy restroom trailers, and everything in between.

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