2-Unit Restroom Trailers

The Selfie – 2-Unit Restroom Trailer

The Selfie is a sleek, go-anywhere,do-anything, two-station restroom trailer that comes with all the amenities of your very own bathroom and the spacious, roomy interior is a pleasant surprise!

Standard trailers come complete with flushing toilets, stainless-steel sinks, wide counter tops, mirrors, and bright ambient lighting. For those wanting to upgrade, add AC, additional heat, a sound system, water heater or aluminum wheels.

Viking built the Selfie to accommodate small parties and events up to 150 people. Using one simple electrical plug or the solarupgrade, the Selfie can operate allday with a full fresh water tank. For larger and longer events, hook theSelfie up to a fresh water source,electric outlet and sewer drain, and party on!


The go-anywhere, do-anything Selfie from Satellite Suites is designed for those who want “their own space”. A place to get away from the crowd and freshen up…in private.

The Selfie has two private bathrooms, each with a flushing toilet, sink, counter top, mirror and bright, ambient lighting. It’s ideal for parties up to 150 people and can operate all day with fully recharged batteries and a full fresh water tank.

Product Specifications
Weight 3,800 lbs.
Weight (axle) (2) 3500 lb. torsion
No. of Stations 2
Length | w tongue 10’6″ | 14‘10″
Width | w steps 7’7” | 8’8”
Height w AC 9’6” | 10‘7”
Fresh Tank 104 gal.
Waste Tank 205 gal.

Additional Event Rental Options

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