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A new alternative to sandbags that lasts longer, is quick to deploy and pick up and provides a cleaner look for your site. BigFoot is durable and clean looking.  Reduce trip hazards on site with his bright yellow color and high-visibility edges.  They are easy to stack on a pallet. The BigFoot keeps your fences upright.  They fit metal tube stands and offer better reliability than sand bars alone.


Durable & long-lasting

The new Viking BigFoot is a ballast weight for temporary fence panels and more durable than the common alternative, sandbags.

Easy to handle

The BigFoot is easy to carry and is stackable. BigFoot comes with a built-in handle, and uniformly stacks on a pallet.

Neat & anti-trip

There is no risk of BigFoot tearing and leaving debris on the ground, as it is made of tough recycled plastic. This weight has hi-vis inserts and a low profile, making it ideal for high pedestrian traffic areas.

Product Specifications

Weight (each):  33 lbs.

Dimensions:  22”x 23.6”

Quantity/ Pallet:  72

Color: Black & hi-vis yellow

Number Per Pallet: 68

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