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Towable Toilets

High-Rise Construction Toilets

Towable & High-Rise Restrooms for Any Function

Perhaps you need to prepare for a large outdoor event at a park, on the city streets or in any location where there are not adequate public bathroom facilities. Maybe you’re setting up a construction site and need the toilets to be moveable to different locations throughout the project. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a music festival, or a construction project, you’ll want portable toilets for guests or crew to use comfortably.

Renting Specialty Toilets in Texas

Decide in advance how many people you expect to be at the event and using the facilities, then determine the amenities that people will need in order to comfortably take care of their bathroom needs. The next step is to choose the rental period, at which point you can contact us to get a rental quote. We will deliver the units on the date agreed and make sure everything is set up properly, including connections to a water and electricity source if necessary. Now you can provide quality portable bathrooms to any number of people at your event.

Towable Sanitation and Easy-To-Move Units

Among our offerings in specialty toilets are towable restrooms and high-rise cut-off units. Both of these allow anyone using them to move the units where needed, no matter the amount of available space on the property. The high-rise cut-off toilets are even compact enough for an elevator. The towable facility features include: domed roof, wall vents, a toilet paper dispenser, and an optional freshwater sink with foot pump. The high-rise cut-off toilets include: lockable doors, toilet seats with lids, and toilet paper dispensers.

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Portable Toilets With a Power Source

This specialty restroom can be connected with overhead or underground electrical sources. The attached power source on this unit has one 220v outlet and two 110v outlets. It also features a lock on the door, an optional sink with foot pump, and a side-mounted urinal. If you anticipate needing a power source for the bathrooms at your job site or event, this combo unit is the way to go.

High-Rise Units With Hooks

These specialty bathroom units have attached metal straps that allow it to be transported with a crane on construction projects, making them the ideal choice for hard-to-reach sites. Each unit also has a door lock, a lid on the toilet seat, a toilet paper dispenser, and an optional sink with a foot pump.

Get a Quote From Viking Rentals

Don’t leave your crew or guests to have to struggle to find sanitary bathroom facilities – order your choice of specialty units today. If you’re not sure which specialty sanitation facilities best fit your needs, give us a call at one of our rental locations and we can help you decide. Once you’re ready to go, you can even get a quote online! When you think rentals, think Viking!

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